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Friday, March 12, 2010

Shooting Thursday morning (corrected)

CORRECTION: The shooting happend Thursday morning (see Courier story here).

Received word of a Plainfield shooting Thursday evening, about 8:00 PM.

Male victim said to have been shot in leg; transported to RWJ.

Medevac not involved, so may not be life-threatening. Police investigation continues.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Although gun incidents should never go unnoticed. It would be refreshing if you would post a story about the Plainfield High School basketball team and their success this year.

Dan said...

@7:39 -- You do know that Plainfield Sports News covers the local sports scene, right? There is a link on CLIPS today to their coverage of the Cardinals, who will be going on to the Group IV finals. There are also TWO links to the Ledger and Courier coverage of the team.

PSN doesn't write about the Plainfield political scene, and I don't poach on the sports turf.

But we have the same sentiment -- GO CARDINALS!!!

Anonymous said...

any updates on the thug that got capped

Anonymous said...

I heard about a home invasion early Monday morning at 520 West 7th St. I guess the mayor is still keeping a lid on the media releases.

Anonymous said...

No News is Good News for Mayor Council and company