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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Christie's cuts for Plainfield schools

Plainfield and other urban districts will face challenging funding cuts as a result of Gov. Christie's proposed FY2011 budget.

The cuts will come in what is termed 'formula aid', the figure allotted to school district's based on enrollment.

Here is an estimate of the funding cut for Plainfield as calculated on the Ledger website by a widget accompanying the school budget story (see story and calculator here).

Calculation of Plainfield's funding per Ledger website.

The aid cut in any school district in the state may be found by selecting county and district and clicking 'SEARCH'.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

It is pathetic .. They should be focusing on cutting benefits to those who take advantage of the system .. Food stamps, section, welfare ..... Drug adicts, single mothers, unstable women having babies and different men in their lives ... Focus on that and not on our children's education.

Anonymous said...

Does it mention that Plainfield got the least amount / percentage cut?

Anonymous said...

Good for Plainfield, they always find away to get themselves in the paper with negative information when all they was doing was making it very east for Gov. Christie to chop away. Let's see what the PEA president have to say about that. If she have not settled a contract for the teachers they really wont get a raise now. I'm glad the Governor is cutting especially Plainfield. They are getting exactly what they deserve.

Anonymous said...


What find appalling is that I legally moved out of the district (took an apartment with a lease, etc.) to a better school district. They spend $11,542 per student and there are about 14 students per teacher. They are a blue ribbon district. Guess how much aid they received last year. 1.5 million. Guess how much they are getting this year: $0.

How can PPS complain about budget cuts when they lost less than 5%, yet the districts who are doing things the right way, making AYP, sending kids off to IVY league schools, are losing 100% of aid.

Something stinks here. People have been taking advantage for far too long, and other people have been taken advantage of. I'm tired of being the latter and I can't wait to sell my house.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Plainfield wasn't going through so much extra crap with the Superintendent and his cronies maybe Plainfield would have a maginfying glass on it. The State sees that Plainfield is mis managing their funds they feel that we don't need it! We have brought it on ourselves

Anonymous said...

Incorporating this aid reduction, Plainfield will still be spending far more than almost any town in the state on a per capita basis.

I can see the test scores next year, down again and the only reason stated by BOE will be the state aid reduction. As usual no one in Plainfield will be responsible, it will be President Bush's fault or the Governors fault anybody but the Plainfield school district.

Anonymous said...

I think that Plainfield BOE really needs to take a good look at themselves and their agendas and the people running that system. It is crap. They need to reduce these salaries that these people make and they do nothing!!! please let's face it. Perhaps if they took a look at that and really help with books, materials, extra resources for the students this district would go up in grades, reputation and just overall self steem. I am a teacher in this district and it just doesn;t seem to get any better. But you try and try to make a change in the kids...but....i wonder how good it will be when they are shuffled in this bad system.