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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Republicans can vote in Dem Primary

Plainfield is such a heavily Democratic community that Republicans often feel they don't get much say in how things turn out election-wise.

And that is particularly true of primary elections, where the victor in the Democratic primary is pretty much guaranteed to be the victor in the November election.

This year could be different.

With a contested Democratic primary, registered Republicans have an opportunity to vote for one of the two candidates in the Democratic citywide at-large contest (Annie McWilliams or Harold Gibson) or one of three candidates for the 3rd Ward nomination (Adrian Mapp, Olive Lynch or Don Davis).

To do so, however, one would have to change one's party affiliation -- which can be changed back the day after the Primary Election (June 3).

For those who consider Plainfield's future important, it's an opportunity to be given great thought.

Call the City Clerk's office at (908) 753-3222, or stop by City Hall.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Annie McWilliams is a classy young woman and would do Plainfield proud as a Councilwoman. Good reason to switch, if only for the primary.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dan,

Yes, individuals should stop by the clerk's office at City Hall to fill out the form, which they can get from City Clerk Laddie Wyatt and her staff. Make sure you know the name of the staff person who helps you. Or they can download the form below (if these links work). The links below are to the Union County Clerk's office, under "Elections" and then scroll to "Services" and then scroll to the bottom to "Political Party Affiliation." They can do this today or they can do it on Monday.