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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dan's April 1 post earns death threats

The April 1 post on my candidacy for Mayor earned me three -- THREE! -- credible death threats, more than the public knows Plainfield's Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs has received.
  • One person said if the video was an April Fool's prank, I was 'DEAD' (which I think is a credible threat).

  • Another said if it was a prank, they would 'personally KILL me' (I have always puzzled over that construction -- if you kill someone, aren't you automatically personally killing them? Ah, English! What a wonderful language!).

  • And a third, by phone, said they would 'wring my neck' if it was an April Fool's joke.
Count 'em: THREE! Three threats of bodily harm out of thirty-four comments!

And that's not counting the one who said they would 'get me' -- which might mean just a severe beating about the head and shoulders, simple mayhem, not murder.

What do you think? Do I have enough evidence to ask for a permanent police bodyguard?

In any event, the Ledger's blog goddess, Kelly Heyboer, looked down from on high at Star-Ledger Plaza and smiled on this little peon -- you can see how she treated my April Fool's prank on HER blog page here:
"April Fools Day Pranks Blogging" (

And to all those who offered to help in a campaign -- hold that thought!

-- Dan Damon

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