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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Board of Ed Election Results

Bridget Rivers and Lenny Cathcart were re-elected, as was Vickey Sheppard.

The winners in Plainfield's Board of Education race celebrated with friends and supporters Tuesday evening, promising to a united board when the new Superintendent, Steve Gallon, arrives this summer.

Lenny Cathcart and Bridget Rivers, who both won re-election, thanked supporters for their efforts. Board member Vickey Sheppard, also re-elected, was unable to attend due to illness but thanked one and all over a cellphone on speakerphone mode.

Dr. Garnell Bailey, Interim Superintendent, also took the floor for a few moments to congratulate the winners and pledge to work with the Board to turn over the reins to the new Superintendent with the District united and ready to move forward under his leadership.

Also present at the victory celebration were outgoing Board President Pat Barksdale; members Wilma Campbell, Martin Cox and Christian Estevez; and Interim Superintendent Dr. Garnell Bailey.

Current and re-elected board members and Dr. Garnell Bailey at victory celebration.

Here are the unofficial tallies, in the order they appeared on the ballot --
  1. Yolanda Van Fleet - 328
  2. Jaclynne Callands - 427
  3. Bridget Rivers - 713
  4. Vickey Sheppard - 639
  5. Lenny Cathcart - 669
Though the total number of votes cast was not known Tuesday evening, it appears to be fewer than 1,150 out of 18,000+ total registered voters in the city.

Traditionally, new (and re-elected) members are sworn in and the Board reorganized at its next regular meeting, which will be Tuesday, April 22.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

What do we need to do to get the polls open earlier? I was unable to vote yesterday because I got home from work later than I expected. I would have liked to have been able to vote early in the morning before I headed in to work.

Anonymous said...

What a sad number! If this is how concerned parents and people who live in Plainfield show their commitment to the children of Plainfield, God help teachers. Those people who didn’t think it was important enough to vote for the people who are in control of their children’s future should be ashamed of themselves.