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Friday, April 11, 2008

New Finance Director's first week a freebie?

Image from Mr. Peck's website,

For him, not for us.

Word is that Plainfield's new Acting Director of Administration and Finance, Douglas Peck, not only got a $12,000 moving allowance (no bills need be submitted, thank you very much!), he appears to have gotten his first week on the payroll as a freebie, with the taxpayers footing the week's salary though Mr. Peck is still in Ohio.

Mr. Peck was nowhere in evidence at City Hall throughout this past week, though the Mayor's appointment took effect immediately upon her letter of appointment, dated April 4th.

Residents are hoping to get a gander of the new department head at Monday's City Council agenda-setting session, 7:30 PM, City Hall Library -- the first meeting in the resumption of the Council's 80+-year-old tradition of alternating Monday meetings.

-- Dan Damon

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