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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Is Councilor Gloria Taylor right?

Councilor Gloria Taylor is widow of former Mayor Rick Taylor.

Plainfield Today readers may have surmised by this time that Councilor Gloria Taylor and I are not best buddies.

That being said, when someone is right, they are right.

And Gloria Taylor is right on at least one thing.

This past Friday evening, Taylor was invited by Mayor Mpp to make a few brief remarks at the unveiling of the gallery of Plainfield mayors' portraits, one of which was of her husband, the late Mayor Rick Taylor.

In her remarks, Taylor noted that the primary elections were over and it was time for members of the parties to unite and move forward to the November general elections.

I agree.

Just as Hillary was expected to line up behind Barack Obama in 2008, Bernie Sanders is now expected to support Hillary against Donald Trump.

Through all the years that the New Dems 'sojourned in the wilderness', there was never a question whether all the Democrats would come together and support the local, state and national tickets in the November election.

So, I'm with Gloria on this one, and look forward to Councilor Tracey Brown and her running mate Alma Blanco endorsing the slate that won the Democratic Primary fair and square -- Rebecca Williams and Charles McRae.

I, for one, am waiting for the endorsements.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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