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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Enjoying the NJ State Bicycle Races Sunday (or not)

Route is outlined in red.
(Graphic, City of Plainfield.)

Beginning at 9:00 AM Sunday, Plainfield will be the site of the NJ State Bicycle Races. The route is shown in the map at top of story.

By dusk on Saturday, most of the route had been demarcated by yellow police tape strung from light poles, parking meters and trash cans to indicate both the race route and to prohibit pedestrian traffic across the streets.

Mayor Adrian Mapp is scheduled to present awards at an 11:00 AM ceremony, though the races are billed as running through 4:00 PM.
The races are comprised of several categories and awards will be made in each.

The course starts in front of City Hall and goes north on Watchung Avenue to East Front Street, west to Park Avenue, south to Seventh Street, east to Watchung Avenue and ends at Ciy Hall. The course is 1.1 miles in length.

Spectators will be able to view the races from any point along the route, but the area near City Hall will be prime space. Those interested in the best camera angles may seek a little elevation, as perhaps the steps of the YMCA, the front lawn of the Friends Meeting House or the Raritan Valley Line rail embankments.

If the bike races are not your thing, you should avoid downtown. Traffic patterns will be affected by street closings to make the route possible. If you are not attending the races, plan on alternate routes.

Central Avenue will be open as well as Richmond Street. If you are traveling east or west, be sure to use 9th Street/Franklin Place, as Crescent Avenue will be closed off at 7th Street.

Also, be aware that vehicles parked inside the parade route after the roads are blocked will not be allowed through until after the races are finished (posted signs say until 5:00 PM).

The weather is expected to be perfect. Bring your camera along and enjoy!

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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