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Monday, June 20, 2016

'Discussion items' added to Council agenda

Council President Storch has added some discussion
items to tonight's Council agenda.

'Discussion items' are a normal feature of Plainfield
City Council's agenda-setting sessions, but it is a little unusual to find them placed in the agendas for the business meeting. That said, it is the Council President's prerogative to do so.

Council President Cory Storch has added three items to tonight's Council agenda --
  • Water safety and quality
  • Brownfields
  • Youth initiatives
Storch has asked NJ American Water (formerly locally owned Elizabethtown Water) to present on the quality and safety of the city's drinking water. While lead contamination has been in the news in recent months, the issue has been one of lead from pipes within buildings (especially schools), rather than the mains of the water company.

Plainfield has been at work on brownfields remediation for over a decade now, but there is always more to report on cleaning up these former industrial sites where toxic substances (often oil and heavy chemicals from manufacturing processes) have seeped into the soil.

The third item is rather vague -- "Initiatives in support of at-risk city youth" -- and may provide an opportunity for the Mapp administration to highlight ongoing youth efforts, and looking to more cooperation with the school district. Those interested in what Storch has in mind will have to attend the Council meeting.

City Council meets for its business session this evening at 8:00 PM in the Courthouse / Council Chambers at Watchung Avenue and East 4th Street. Parking available on the street and in the public lot across from the police station.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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