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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dem Primary: Desperate, Tracey Brown turns to racist tactic

The same photo trick Brown used on Williams
can be used on her.

In a mailer in which she contrasts herself and Councilor Rebecca Williams, the Rev. Tracey Brown turns to a racist tactic.

Williams, who has the official Democratic line (Column A) is being challenged by Brown, who failed to earn the endorsement of the Democratic City Committee.

In the mailer, Brown crudely darkens Williams skin in the illustration, a tactic that right-wing media outlets were caught using on President Obama in efforts to provoke negative reactions in viewers based on skin color. Why would one candidate of color use such a tactic against another candidate of color?

Desperation might be the answer.

In the piece, Brown "contrasts" herself with Williams on four issues. Let's look more closely --

Here Tracey Brown talks out of both sides of her mouth. Abatements are a tool for getting projects done. It suited Brown when the development was across the street from her church. So, why is she beating on Williams for a tool which Brown has used to her own benefit?


Two of Plainfield's most recent homicides have taken place within blocks of Tracey Brown's church. What has Brown actually done to reduce violence on our streets?


Ignoring improvements under Mayor Mapp of youth recreation programs, Brown evidently wants to turn Plainfield's recreation program back to a time when employees pilfered from cash receipts, extorted cash from youth sports teams to use city fields, and paid for low show/no show coaches.


Rebecca has consistently involved herself in community activity across the city for years, People trust and respect her. Brown puts the respect people have for her in jeopardy with this sleazy mailing piece.

When I was a young man studying for the Christian ministry, I learned that sooner or later every human being will disappoint you.

That includes preachers.

Sadly, it includes the Rev. Brown, who seems to have embraced the dark side of politics to try and advance herself in the current contest.

This certainly is a long way from the Tracey Brown who, at Mayor Mapp's inauguration in 2014 said: "If Mayor Mapp wins, we all win!"

If what she said at Mayor Mapp's inauguration was true then, it is even more true now.

Plainfield is actually on the move.

And it is the Column A team that is moving things forward. So, on Tuesday vote Column A, all the way!

Polls are open on Tuesday, June 7, from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Unaffiliated voters may declare  a party registration at the table to vote in the party primaries.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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