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Monday, December 14, 2015

Will tonight's Council meeting be baloney roll-ups?

As food, baloney roll-ups are tasty. In governance, it is another matter.
Shown above are Lebanon Bologna and cream
cheese roll-ups. Lebanon Bologna, a Pennsylvania
Dutch delicacy, is available locally at Aldi's on Park Avenue.

As Plainfield City Council's 2015 meetings draw (thankfully!) to a close, residents have a special treat: a roll-up session combining the December agenda-setting and business sessions and the agenda-setting session for the first meeting of 2016.

The business agenda -- which both Olddoc and Bernice have discussed is pretty straightforward. But this being Plainfield, there are always possibilities that things will go off the rails and that baloney will prevail.

"Discussion items", which is where the monkey business usually starts, contains only one innocent-sounding item: Demolished properties (referring to the North Avenue demolition).

Following the business meeting, the Council will set the agenda for the first session of the new year. This practice always puzzles me a little.

I understand wanting to have an orderly transition to the new year. But each Council year (as with each session of Congress) is considered a unit in and of itself. That is why the first meeting is a "reorganization," with officers being elected, chairs appointed, a schedule of meetings adopted and other roll-over business.

However, one year's Council cannot carry business over into the next year -- hence the push to get ordinances adopted before the end of the year. So, with one Council member not being returned for 2016, and a newly-elected member not yet sworn in and able to participate, how is it that an agenda-setting session for the next year is legit?

Another Plainfield mystery?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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