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Monday, December 28, 2015

Finding the mysterious Board of Ed election change action

Is this the 'purloined letter'?

Several folks have asked about finding the Plainfield Board of Ed's decision to change the school board elections from November back to April.

The complaint is that the action can't be found in the board's agendas as posted online (see here).

Is the answer, like Edgar Allen Poe's famous purloined letter, hiding in plain sight?

David Rutherford, in his December 2 post on moving the election (see here), says '[l]ast month, at our first occasion to do so' the Board took the action.

That suggests that the action was taken not at the November business meeting, but at the November 10 work-study meeting, which was the first Board meeting after the November 3 election which marked the fourth November school board election required by law before a change could be contemplated. You can view that meeting's announced agenda here.

Normally, the work-study agendas contain resolutions to be discussed for action at the next business meeting and note is made at the bottom of the proposed resolution when action is contemplated.

The agenda for November 10 contains no hint of a change of the election date, but it does contain the legally necessary warning: 'Action may be taken'.

These work-study meetings are seldom attended by the public unless a hot-button issue is known about beforehand. I am told there was only one member of the public present. And that the vote went down with only one board member voting 'no'.

Those seeking the resolution that moved the election date -- evidently 'walked on' -- would do well to look here.

Meanwhile, the Board of Ed has not bothered to explain why it took this action without advance public notice or an opportunity to discuss the diversion of an estimated $115,000 every year in perpetuity from its very tight budget for this charade.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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