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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Plainfield's elected officials weigh in with blogs, too

Elected officials' blogs are part of the quest for
'Just and Capable Government,' too.

Several of Plainfield's elected officials also
weigh in with blogs.
Councilor Rebecca Williams

Wards 2/3 at-large Councilor Rebecca Williams posts her thoughts on issues facing Plainfield and the larger world from a progressive perspective at And My Point Is: A Radical Vision for Plainfield. (Today, for instance, she has a post on the estimated cost of moving the Board of Ed election from November to April.)

Rebecca often discusses questions with which the Council wrestles, as well as noting important activities in the community and initiatives of the Mapp administration.

She also keeps a more personal blog, Confessions of a Bathrobe Blogger, where she mulls larger non-political issues, celebrates Plainfield activities and posts her haiku,  demanding Japanese literary form.

Rebecca's day job, as a tenured professor at Essex County College, keeps her busy, but she still manages to be very active on Facebook.

Councilor Cory Storch

Ward 2 Councilor Cory Storch, just re-elected to a fourth term, is the 'dean' of Plainfield city councilors. Cory also served on the Board of Ed before coming to the council and has many years of service in elected office.

Cory blogs at Cory Storch for Good Government in Plainfield, where, true to his blog's title, he often takes up matters from a deeper, longer-range policy perspective.

Cory's day job as executive director of Bridgeway, New Jersey's largest mental health services nonprofit, keeps him busy day and night, but he still finds time to serve as the Council's designee on the Planning Board in addition to his Council duties.

Mayor Adrian Mapp

Though as mayor, Adrian Mapp now has a suite of communications options for staying in touch with Plainfield residents -- the most important of which is the excellent weekly email newsletter that goes out every Friday -- he still keeps the blog he began as a City Council member, Mapping It Out.

He uses that blog periodically to announce special events or to discuss community issues from a more private perspective.

Assemblyman Jerry Green

Assemblyman Jerry Green also keeps a blog to which someone in his office makes periodic updates, at Jerry Green's Page.

The blog primarily concerns itself with Assembly press releases concerning legislation of which Green is sponsor or co-sponsor and, during election seson, letters of endorsement for his re-election.

Jerry Green is now the longest-serving Assemblyman in the NJ Legislature and was re-elected Chair Pro-Tempore after the recent November general election.
These elected officials take the time to give thoughtful, considered opinions and information on issues facing Plainfield. Take the time to check them out.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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