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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rumble over Bilingual Day Care fate tonight?

Looks like a tussle developing over who will take over
for Bilingual Day Care.

Though getting Plainfield ouf ot the daycare business has been discussed by several administrations over many years, the Mapp administration is the first to come within sight of the finish line.

City Council will take up several resolutions at tonight's business meeting that deal with winding down the Bilingual Day Care center on West 2nd Street and transferring the operations to another entity.

The most important are R214-15, which would transition the program to HOPES, which is the agency that manages the city's Headstart programs, and R220-15, the submission of a layoff plan for the current Bilingual Day Care staff. The plan would need to be approved by the state and would go into effect 45 days after approval is granted.

Neighborhood House's executive director, Carol Presley, addressed the Council at last week's agenda-setting session. Her main points were that the city should not transfer the program to "outsiders" (HOPES is headquartered in Hoboken), and Neighborhood House would have new classrooms "in October".

Word in the street is that Presley is mobilizing a crowd to attend tonight's meeting to press for her proposal.

Presley is claiming that Neighorhood House will have four new classrooms in the apartment complex being built behind the old Senior Center on East Front Street and that the building will be "ready for occupancy in October".

I doubt it. Driving by the site, one can see that only the slab for the main floor has been poured. Based on other recent projects of similar size in Plainfield -- especially the Monarch condos, which is quite similar -- it is not likely the building will be ready that soon.

And the credibility of Presley's position rests on being able to put the cildren from Bilingual Day Care into classrooms that Neighborhood House does not currently have.

Expect an animated discussion on the topic tonight.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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