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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

North Avenue demolition cleanup under way

Demolition debris is gobbled up, to be trucked away.

Plainfield's North Avenue Historic District was chock-a-block with activity on Monday as a shiny aluminum over-the-road trash trailer
was pulled up in front of the rubble from the March demolition.

Elsewhere, cars and a delivery truck were illegally parked on the 'no parking' side of the street and a NJ Transit bus had pulled over where the street widens near the train station to jump out and pick up a carry-out lunch from one of the restaurants lining the block.

The trash trailer was marked with huge black lettering spelling out Y A N N U Z Z I, the contractor's name.

Bricks and debris were gobbled up in the maw of a large scoop and dumped into the waiting trailer. Yanuzzi crewmen were everywhere, guiding traffick, climbing the rubble heap and watching over the dumping of debris.

By 3:30 PM, the crew quit for the day, the trailer was hauled away and passersby vould see that a sizable dent had been made in the pile of rubble.

A young man who works in one of the building housing the damaged Mi Buenaventura restaurant and several other shops told me that the owner of that building was planning to raze the entire structure.

This will mean displacing several small businesses that have been there for years, and present land use officials with a new task: how to ensure the new structures that are sure to rise will fit in with the city's only Victorian commercial historic district.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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