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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


The Plainfield Democratic Organization's city committee
candidates gathered for a group photo in March.
Forty-eight won seats and two tied on Tuesday.

Democratic voters resoundingly supported Mayor Adrian Mapp and his team in a vote that was as much a referendum on Mapp and the direction he wants to take Plainfield in as it was about the offices on the ballot.

First-time candidate Barry Goode bested Jerry Green's handpicked nominee Steve Hockaday in the Wards 1/4 at-large contest, 532-500, as reported online. "Plainfield is the winner," Goode said in his remarks to the crowd gathered at the Plainfield Democratic Organization headquarters at 617 Park Avenue.

Ward 2 Councilor Cory Storch, running for a fourth term, handily beat Green's handpicked candidate Charles Eke, who had lost out to 2/3 at-large Councilor Rebecca Williams in last year's election. The tally in Ward 2 was 803-272.

Neither of Green's candidates worked at the door-to-door canvassing which was a hallmark of both Storch and Goode's campaigns.

Of the 68 Democratic City Committee seats up for election, 48 were won outright by Mapp's PDO organization, with two tied.

This positions Mapp to succeed Jerry Green as the Plainfield Democratic chairperson when the committee reorganizes next Monday evening.

As well as taking the chairmanship, we can expect the PDO to fill all the officers positions -- which could turn up some interesting surprises.

The last time Green lost the chairmanship, in 2003, a canceled check on his Assembly checking account paying for rent for his Democratic campaign headquarters was discovered in the financial records turned over in the reorganization. That is a severe no-no.

Will there be a similar surprise this time around? Or will Jerry Green put Sharon Robinson-Briggs to work shredding documents (she has experience from the transition to Mapp's assuming office).

Green's loss in Plainfield -- despite spending copious amounts of money (painful to him, I'm sure) and slinging record amounts of mud -- may have serious repercussions for his future as Union County Democratic Chair.

The powers-that-be are not particularly fond of losers, as Green has turned out to be. Word in the street is that Sheriff (and former Assemblyman) Joe Cryan has quietly positioned himself to be the candidate of choice when the county party reorganizes next Tuesday night.

Collateral damage in Green's stunning loss includes Senate President Steve Sweeney, who gratuitously attacked Councilor Rebecca Williams in a letter he published during her re-election campaign last year.

If I may continue the sexual metaphors that Jerry inspired throughout this campaign, it can now be said with certainty Jerry Green is too old and pooped to get it up.

Moreover, Plainfield's Democratic voters have seen fit to give him the shaft.

Couldn't happen to a nicer or more deserving guy.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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