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Friday, June 5, 2015

Plainfield Dem Primary: A look at the numbers

Here are some results from the unofficial Plainfield
Democratic Primary Election returns. County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi is expected to certify the results Monday.

Monday is also the date set for the Plainfield Democratic City Committee's reorganization, though details are not yet known as of Friday morning.

Everyone knows that Mayor Mapp's Plainfield Democratic Organization was the big winner -- getting both Council nods and a vast majority of the 68 city committee seats -- but I am filling in some of the details below.


  • Cory Storch, Ward 2: 803 votes (69%); Charles Eke, 272

  • Barry Goode, Wards 1/4: 535 votes; Steve Hockday, 500

  • Ward 1: PDO, 3 Districts, 6 committee seats; Green Team, 5 districts, 10 seats
  • Ward 2: PDO, 11 Districts, 21 seats (1 tie); Green Team, 0 districts

  • Ward 3: PDO, 9 Districts, 17 seats (1 tie); Green Team, 1 district, 2 seats

  • Ward 4: PDO: 1 District, 2 seats; Green Team, 4 districts, 8 seats

  • Totals: PDO: 46 committee members; Green Team: 20 members; Tied: 2

Here it gets real interesting.

Of 2,307 ballots cast citywide, Assemblyman Jerry Green -- who ran unopposed -- garnered only 1,525, or just 66% of the vote. UNOPPOSED, mind you. Cory Storch, who actually had an opponent, won 69% of the votes cast in his ward.

Jerry's handpicked running mate, former Rahway mayor Jim Kennedy outpolled Jerry with 1680 votes -- 10% more than Jerry's total. This is astounding because to my knowledge Jim Kennedy has never set foot in Plainfield and is an unknown here.


Borrowing a riff from PolitickerNJ, here's a breakout of winners and losers. Of course, the biggest loser is Assemblyman Green, who was swept from the board by Mayor Mapp's Plainfield Democratic Organization and may lose the Union County Dem chairmanship at next Tuesday's reorganization.

  • 1-2 (Michael Jackson and Marleen Powell), 1-4 (Frank & Liz D'Aversa), 1-5 (Junior Taylor and Ethel Coleman).

  • 2-1 (Bob Bolmer), 2-2 (Michael Pyne and Mari Bonini), 2-3 (Shep Brown and Joanne Macaluso), 2-4 (Charles Lawrence and Analis Rivera), 2-5 (Donald Van Blake and Carletta Jeffers), 2-6 (David Rutherford and Jeanette Criscione), 2-7 (Terence Bellamy and Tara Phillips-Bellamy), 2-8 (Jim Spear and Belinda Smiley), 2-9 (Greg Haworth and Mary Burgwinkle), 2-10 (Cory Storch and Lois Mattson), 2-11 (David Dupiche and Rebecca Williams).

  • 3-1 (John Stewart and Dottie Gutenkauf), 3-2 (Carlos Ponton and Pat Van Slyke), 3-3 (Charles McRae and Robin Bright), 3-4 (Dan Manson and Bev Calland), 3-5 (Cecil Allen and Elena Rutherford), 3-6 (Linden Barratt and Emily Morgan), 3-7 (Wilbert Gill and Joylette Mills-Ransome), 3-8 Troy Hamilton, 3-9 (Adrian and Amelia Mapp).

  • 4-2 (Wendell Woods and Claudette Lovely-Brown).

  • There were two ties, which will be resolved Monday: 2-1 Female and 3-8 Female.
Jerry Green's slate were the big-time losers, but even so there were some surprising losses of longtime players.
  • In Ward 1, Mustapha Muhammad, a frequent critic of Mayor Mapp at Council meetings, was bested by Frank D'Aversa.

  • In Ward 2, Councilor Tracey Brown fell to Councilor Rebecca Williams. Other Jerry Green losers in Ward 2 included Charles Eke (the Council candidate), former Councilor Rashid Burney and longtime activist Brenda Gilbert. Losers also included two young players Green had been grooming: Michael Horn and Richard Stewart.

  • In Ward 3, losers included former mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, Jerry's favorite developer Cecil Sanders (Malcolm Dunn's partner), former Union County police chief Harold Gibson and his wife Deborah Stapleton, PMUA commissioner Carol Brokaw, former city employee Lamar Mackson and Tania Center (a Green candidate for BOE last year), and lastly Marianne David, who launched a vicious Facebook attack on Rebecca Williams in the days just before the election.
Once the County Clerk certifies the results, they will be available on the Union County website.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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