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Monday, June 22, 2015

(Mis)adventures with the Courier News

So, what happened to the credit card information?

I subscribe to the online version of the Courier News for its Plainfield
news stories. The cost is $12.00 per month, which I figure means I am paying between $4.00 and $6.00 on average for a Plainfield news item.

This, of course, is all arranged by paying online with a credit card.

So several weeks ago, when the bank card I use for this payment was replaced with a new one (because the old one was compromised in some retail chain's hack), I immediately changed the accounts that I regularly used this card to pay for.

That would be Virgin Mobile (my cellphone serice), Amazon and -- tada! -- (otherwise known as the Courier News).

VM and Amazon went without a hitch.

Not so for the Courier. Gannett has to have the crappies, most rinky-dink credit card operation out there.

Where on Amazon, you clearly have a choice to change or add a card, on the Courier's site, you have to hunt for where the creidt card info is supposed to go.

So, I finally find it and change the card to the new number.

We're flying blind by this point -- I get emails confirming the changes from the other two, but not MCJ.

Then, Saturday, an evelope arrives by snail mal from the Courier News billing department in Neptune, NJ: Your payment method was declined.

Going to my online account, I find the above -- with the credit card info wiped out!

So, now I have to call customer service -- wherever they're located -- and try to work it out.

This is the new age?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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