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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Union County Alliance pulls the plug

The usefulness of the Union County Directions magazine
was lampooned in this 2009 photo by the CountyWatchers website
(see here) captioned "Please don't squeeze the UC Directions".

After a blistering report by the NJ Comptroller in January (see here), highlighting financial mismanagement, insider dealing and other unsavory tidbits, the Union County Alliance has evidently gone out of business, according to a report posted on the CountyWatchers blog Monday (see here).

I wrote about the Comptroller's report in January (see here).

CountyWatchers' Tina Renna reports that she got the word from several sources and did a drive-by of UCA's Rahway office to find it vacant.

Plainfielders will mostly remember the UCA for its twice-yearly magazine, Union County Directions, always published days before either the June primary or the November general election and conveniently highlighting Union County Dems up for election that year.

Looks like from now on, you're on your own with figuring out who to vote for.

As for the UCA, the Comptroller referred its findings to the IRS and NJ's tax authorities.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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