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Friday, May 29, 2015

Information needed on sex assault of 5-year-old Plainfield boy

Has the sexual abuser of a Plainfield 5-year-old escaped
justice? And if so, how?

A couple of years ago, a Plainfield
Today reader reported that a close family member of a powerful elected official had been arrested by Plainfield police in connection with a sexual assault on a 5-year-old boy.

The anonymous commenter alleged that the person in question had been arrested by Plainfield police and taken into custody. Later that same day, the commenter said, this person was lodged in the Union County Jail awaiting arraignment before a Union County judge on the indictable charge.

Then, the commenter said, the story got strange. According to the commenter the arrested person was never arraigned, was released from the Union County Jail and has never been prosecuted on the sexual assault charge.

I am hoping that commenter, who it seemed might be a Plainfield police officer, is still reading Plainfield Today blog and has perhaps kept some notes on the matter.

I have been bothered ever since about the possibility that the allegations were true and that the person has managed to be set free, perhaps to continue to molest that same child or even others.

In order to even try and pursue a public records request, I would need to know the dates involved -- or even a range of approximate dates. Public records requests without that amount of specificity are difficult to pursue to a successful conclusion. (I seem to recall the time I received the comment was late September.)

Any reader who can help in this matter can just leave an anonymous comment with the information. Please use the header: PLAINFIELD CHILD SEX ASSAULT.

Any help is appreciated and may help save a victim (or victims) of child sex abuse.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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