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Monday, May 18, 2015

Dottie Gutenkauf sleuths the election mailings

325-7 Trinity Place, Hillside,
from which the recent political mailers have been issued.

Plainfield Democrats -- who will be voting for a new City Committee on June 2 -- owe Dottie Gutenkauf a big thank you for her excellent sleuthing on the recent political mailers from "Union County's Committee" (see her post here).

Not only does Dottie point out the group is not registered with ELEC, she tracks down the owners of the address given for the mailer.

Turns out, according to Dottie's research, that the property is owned by two brothers who are county employees. One of them is Dennis Kobitz, the administrator of the Union County Board of Elections.

Any readers of Plainfield Today who have ever worked as a challenger at the polls, as I have, will recognize "Dennis" as the dude with the walkie-talkie who can be seen scurrying from poling place to poling place to keep order and make sure the rules are followed.

Is it a conflict of interest for him to be taking sides in the current election?

What do you think?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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