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Monday, May 4, 2015

Mapp saves city big bucks ... and a postcard from Jerrytown

Mapp memo to Council notes money saved by refunding bonds.
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While Jerry Green sent Plainfield residents a postcard from the fictional world known as Jerrytown this past weekend, Mayor Adrian Mapp was busy saving the city big bucks -- and that's a fact.

In a memo to City Council members dated April 20 (see above), Mayor Mapp noted that a new bond issue allowed the city to pay off the 2007 Series A bonds ($13.5 million) in advance and thus save the city $603,000 plus in interest payments over the next seven years.

What a difference from the Robinson-Briggs years, where budgets were introduced with million-dollar miscalculations and the only thing you vould count on about the city's money was that she would spend it.

Meanwhile, Jerry's mailing piece (why does he always favor those ominous cloud backgrounds for City Hall?) rehashes some of his favorite themes, attacking on taxes, salaries, management and recreation.

Most folks who are paying attention see right through this stuff -- after all, there's a reason they call it the silly season.

Bear in mind --
  • When it's Jerry's "insiders", salaries are never an issue

  • If police and fire wages go up, what do taxes do?

  • "Management" is pretty thin ice for Jerry to venture on after eight years of Sharon

  • The only thing slashed at Recreation is the thievery and inside dealing that have gone on for years
Also keep in mind that this is not your standard political mailer. Jerry has concocted something called "Union County's Committee" for the mailing (and others to come?).

Since city committee seats (of either party) are NOT a public office, ELEC turns a blind eye on these campaigns. Which means that Jerry is free to use "dark money" to fund his smears, and no one will ever know who has ponied up for them. Now, there's a "real" Democrat for you!

Why is Jerry on the attack so early and so snarly?

Big stakes. If he loses control of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee, he faces a revolt in the ranks and could likely lose the Union County Dem chairmanship -- the capstone of his career.

Big stakes for Jerry. Look for more to follow.

Back at City Hall, Mayor Mapp works to save the taxpayers money. Will he get credit?

You must be kidding!

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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