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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sharon planning recall of Mapp?

The notorious 'Re-elect Sharon' banner hung on City Hall
was doctored to remove 'Re-elect'.

Former Plainfield
mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs has been nearly as visible since losing office as she was during her two terms in City Hall.

She and a tight-knit group of supporters are regular attendees at Council meetings, where she is given extra deferential treatment -- including extra time at the mike while others are not.

Sharon can also be seen at some public events, working the crowd. The recent capper probably was the National Night Out celebration at City Hall, where the stage was taken over by Her Honor and friends, turning it into a sort of 'Sharon Show'.

During the break at last week's Council meeting for an executive session to interview Health Officer Denise Proctor over the residency waiver, someone said to me they had heard Sharon was organizing a recall of Mayor Adrian Mapp.

The scenario would include launching the campaign after the first of the year -- an elected official cannot be recalled until after at least a year in office -- and include Sharon herself as the replacement candidate.

Do I see a movie here?

'Night of the Living Dead in Plainfield'?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Sharon still doesn't get the hint that we DON'T WANT ANYMORE OF HER and I hope a forensic audit sends her packing to the graybar hotel. Maybe Jerry needs to cage his pet and be responsible for Plainfield. We all know that she's doing this because Mapp won't hire all of the flunkies that Jerry wants him to hire. It's nice having responsible and morally aware people in City Hall.