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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Council passes HAP ordinance

Council intends to convey Lot 9 to the Housing Authority
for an as-yet-unnamed developer to build "affordable housing".

Despite a review by Plainfield's new Corporation Counsel Vernita Sias-Hill that pointed out deficiencies and other problems with the proposed ordinance to convey Public Parking Lot 9 to the Housing Authority of Plainfield, the City Council voted to do so on Monday evening.

After rancorous discussion among themselves, the vote went down 5-1 in favor. Councilor Rebecca Williams was the lone nay vote. Councilor Brown participated by phone. Councilor Storch was absent and is said to be out of the country.

Though Mayor Mapp can veto the ordinance, there is a clear majority to override a veto. The question on the table is whether Corporation Counsel's objections are in any way fatal to the ordinance as written.

What happens now is anybody's guess.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

An age-old politician's shakedown is to propose legislation inimical to private interests for the purpose of extracting campaign donations or other favors from those interests in order to defeat the proposal. As bad as that is, I hope that's the game Green and his minions are playing because to loose parking is worse. If downtown Plainfield is to be developed, it needs parking.

dah said...

No more affordable housing, we have more than our fair share. We need to make Plainfield livable,it is already affordable in contrast to surrounding towns,

Anonymous said...

Keep voting May Rebecca, affordable housing is not the answer. We have done our fair share and the results have not been good. They have simply line the pockets of Gerry green and his ilk. What we need to do his make the best possible use of our diversity and not always revert it affordable housing as an answer, in contrast to towns around us, our housing is already affordable,