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Monday, August 18, 2014

Plainfield youth rally against violence

With bumper-to-bumper traffic and no place to park,
the best I could muster was a shot through the windshield.

Plainfield young people took to the street on Sunday, showing both their solidarity with the family of slain Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO, and concern over violence in our own community.

The young men and women lined both sides of East Front Street near Park Avenue, holding signs that encouraged drivers to honk their horns against violence.

The sound of horns could be heard reverberating along the city's main shopping block for most of the afternoon. Drivers also rolled down their windows to shout support and words of encouragement.

The group's signs were quickly made on posterboard, reflecting the bearer's sentiments and without any sort of group identification.

It struck me as something of a paradigm shift, that young people would spontaneously take the issue to the busiest spot in town without waiting for elders or organizations to get organized.


  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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