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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dems meet Friday to deal with Mapp vacancy

With the resignation by Mayor-elect Adrian Mapp of his Council seat expected momentarily, the Plainfield Democratic City Committee will meet at 7:00 PM Friday at the YWCA of Plainfield/North Plainfield to deal with the matter.

Under New Jersey law, the local party committee of the resigning Council member can propose three names to the City Council, which then selects one of those three to serve until the November general election, at which time a duly elected candidate will be seated for the balance of the councilmanic term.

While these sorts of choices have in the part had local political types on tenterhooks, there is not much angst this time around.

Word in the street is that the three names to be proposed are former Councilor Don Davis, whose previous term ended under something of a cloud; Veronica (Roni) Taylor, a former Board of Ed member who campaigned hard for Assemblyman Jerry Green's ticket in both the Primary and the General elections; and Gloria Taylor, a retired educator and widow of former Mayor Rick Taylor.

Guests must sign in, but are always welcome, though they do not vote and may not speak without permission (in advance) of the Chair, Assemblyman Jerry Green.

The YWCA is at East Front and Church Streets, with parking in the YWCA lot on Church Street and on the street.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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jim spear said...

So much for surprises ! So much for a Latino. . .

Why would anyone attend now that you have leaked it out. And you practically eliminated one of the three candidates with your off the cuff comment about him.

Dan - do you now have a conflict of interest reporting on such matters?

I guess I will stay home. . . .

Anonymous said...

Should be no contest

No one of the three can begin to meet the sparkle and therefore brilliance and warmth,charm and certainly the intelligence and experience of Veronica Taylor
and I do know all three,
There'll be spots for them too

Anonymous said...

How can Don Davis even think of running for office after all the crap he pulled.? Has the public forgot about his DUI and charging large bar and food tabs to the city? The Committee should. Be ashamed to even put his name up for any office.

Anonymous said...

Well, now it is in the hands of Plainfield's Keystone Cop Councilpersons- Rivers, Reid, Rev Brown, and Greaves. I believe they only need four, which means more than likely it will be whatever the Green machine had decided. Four councilpersons but one vote- JG's Vote.