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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

City Hall open half day on Christmas?

Visitors to the City website got this news Tuesday mid-day...
Checking Plainfield's official website Monday, I was surprised to see the image above as the new first item in the 'slideshow' on the front page. I did a double-take: City Hall would close at Noon on Christmas Day?

... look closely...
Was the City truly vying with Scrooge? Or was it a mistake?

By evening, the graphic had changed to the following --

...which was 'corrected' by evening to this.

Better, but not exactly enlightening. Was someone actually expecting the City to be open for business on Christmas Day or New Year's?

My suspicion is that the reason for the notice in the first place was to let folks know City Hall would close at Noon on THE DAY BEFORE THE HOLIDAY, which in both cases falls on a Wednesday this go-round.

A good news brief meets the TAC test: it is timely, accurate and clear.

This little item gets one of three right, meaning 'no cigar'.

Hopefully, communications from the City will improve after January 1st.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

To clarify - City hall will be closed at noon on Christmas Eve, closed for Christmas Day and also closed at noon New Year's Eve and closed New Years Day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan

It seems to me that you should be in charge of IT & Media, are you in place for a position??????

Anonymous said...

How come Hellwig gets to take his car on vacation or wherever he is.