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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

1972: Park-Madison beautification led by Barbara Sandford

Beautification chairperson Barbara Sandford checks
Park-Madison plantings in 1972.

Planters along Park Avenue. Reconfigured triangular
space is now Albert T. McWilliams Park.
Susan Fraser of the Plainfield Garden Club has passed along several photos of the Park-Madison beautification project undertaken in 1972, when Barbara Sandford was chair of the City's very active Beautification Committee. They were found among memorabilia of Barbara's that the family is going through since her passing a few months ago.

One forgets how the empty Park-Madison lot at the heart of downtown dominated the downtown area, giving it a forlorn look. Barbara and her Committee were determined to turn the 'lemon' into 'lemonade' and cajoled and badgered City officials to make the area more attractive.

Looking carefully, you will note some buildings which have since been demolished (two next to Tepper's in particular). Also, see the planters along Park Avenue in the triangle of public land now designated as Albert T. McWilliams Park. Sadly, there is no marker to identify this sliver park dedicated to the memory of the late mayor.


-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Michael Townley said...

Does the City own this land? If so, then come January just get an appropriate sign, have a well-publicized dedication ceremony and unveil the long-overdue acknowledgement.