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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cretella projects getting rolling?

Fences have suddenly sprouted on two projects
at the corner of Gavett Place and East Second Street.

Plainfield development-watchers have been puzzled in recent months by the apparent withdrawal of Frank Cretella and his Landmark Developers entities with regard to the plethora of downtown projects the restaurateur-cum-developer had planned.

The perplexity only increased after Cretella lost out on the public bidding for a scarce-as-hen's-teeth liquor license recently by a mere couple of thousand dollars.

On a chicken soup run Thursday evening, I noticed that the two small parking lots on the corners of Gavett Place and East Second Street were sporting brand new chain link fences, fences which I did not recall seeing there on Wednesday.

The lot on the southwest corner has been used by attendees at the mosque adjacent to it and facing North Avenue for several years now. It was unusual in that the mosque members had developed a system of tandem parking which allowed for maximum vehicles on the cramped little space.

Cretella has plans for loft apartments in both the former Boise's warehouse and the former Romond Jeep dealership.

A pile of debris removed from the Boise's building lay next to the structure and behind the fencing, indicating workers had been active in the past day or two.

Progress on these two projects would be the first since Cretella developed the old United National Bank annex and the former Courier News building, both on Park Avenue, into rental apartments.

Is this a sign of things to come under a long-awaited Mapp administration?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

What in the world has this developers projects have to do with a Mapp administration? The projects were proposed and approved under the current administration. So do you plan on giving credit to Mapp for positive developments, but blame any negative events on the SRB? Pathetic!