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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome Crescent Area Association's new website

The Crescent Avenue Historic District's neighborhood assocation has a new website.
Plainfield's Crescent Area Neighborhood Association has a new website (see here), that offers readers plenty of information about the neighborhood and the association, which has been in existence since 1977.

It is good to see the folks in the Crescent Area coming together again. Over the years there have beens ups and downs for the neighborhood, one of Plainfield's pioneer historic districts.

This has been partly because many of the properties have been converted into absentee-owned multi-family residences. The conversions have roots back to World War II, when the federal government overrode local zoning regulations to allow fancy homes such as those in the Crescent Avenue area to be subdivided to meet the drastic need for housing for workers in war industries.

Another obstacle has been that so many of the homes have had original details such as porches, 'gingerbread', and shutters torn away.

Even so, the original homes along Crescent Avenue and some of the side streets are imposing and substantially preserved. A definite plus is that the neighborhood is compact and friendly, with the Library and Seventh Street shopping and restaurants just steps away.

The area practically counts as Plainfield's cultural 'center' with all the musical activities that take place at Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church, Grace Episcopal Church's carillon, Act IV's theater productions at the First Unitarian Society, and the multitude of public programs offered by the Library (plus its use for community meetings).

Regular meetings of the Crescent Area Neighbors are building a foundation of bonhomie for the neighborhood's future and this ambitious website will play a role. Be sure to check it out and give them warm words of encouragement.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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