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Friday, April 19, 2013

Checking on Sharon's ELEC filings

Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs continued fundraising for her 2013 re-election campaign with an event this past weekend at Spain Inn on West 7th in Piscataway, long famous as 'the' PMUA watering-hole of choice.

(While on the subject of fundraising, I must correct the post of March 27 -- 'Mayor's barstool-by-barstool campaign continues' -- that said Sharon held a fundraiser at the Stone Square Lodge. My informant was misinformed. A person who was present tells me that the event was a birthday party for a man who is a longtime friend of the Mayor.)

Now that the ballot positions have been drawn (Sharon is in column "E"), and we draw down to the finish line (the Primary Election is June 4), I thought to check on whether Sharons' ELEC report for the quarter ending March 31 has been filed yet.

Silly me.

As of today, no report filed for Sharon Robinson-Briggs since the quarter ending December 31, 2012.


Reader Alan Goldstein has noted that Adrian Mapp's campaign fund has made no report. The difference here is due to ELEC rules. Robinson-Briggs' campaign committee has been in existence since her last re-election campaign four years ago. Under ELEC regulations, she is required to make quarterly reports for periods ending March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 of each year. In the year of the actual election, her campaign committee must also file in the regular sequence: 29 days pre-election, 10 days pre-election, and 20-days post-election. Mapp's first required filing date, I am told, is the 29 day pre-election period in the current election cycle.

UPDATE 4/20/13: Prodded by Mr. Goldstein, I re-read the 2013 ELEC Manual on filings (page 11, section 2) and have concluded that the Mayor's committee is, in fact, excused from filing an April 15 report. Her first expected report for activity in 2013 will be the 29-day pre-election report, due in a couple of weeks.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Alan Goldstein said...

When Adrian Mapp files again (there is nothing since August on Elec) you'll have a point to make. Until then it's just a bunch of your old propaganda nonsense. In the end it won't make a difference. Both Robinson-Briggs and Mapp are equally peas in the pod of Plainfield corruption.

Bob said...

If she can't get a major item like the buget in on time, then I don't expect a simple paper like her Elec Report to be timely. You would think she might be a classy person and bow out, but Sharon has never been classy or good for Plainfield.

Alan Goldstein said...

Maybe my math is wrong, but I think August 2012 is more than five months before the 29-day report is due. So I believe the information you've based your opinion on is incorrect. Nor do I believe Mr. Mapp has had no campaign expenditures since August either. This is just another reason why competent and corrupt might be more dangerous to our pocketbooks than inept and corrupt. Either way we lose.

"Initial Election Fund Report
A candidate committee or a joint candidates committee must begin filing reports with the
Commission on a date that depends upon when the financial activity commences. In the event the committee is established within 5 months or less of the due date of the 29-day pre-election report for the election in which the candidates or joint candidates are
running, the committee will file a 29-day pre-election report as the initial election fund report. However, if the committee is established more than 5 months prior to the due date of the 29-day pre-election report for the election in which the candidate or joint candidates are running, the committee must file a quarterly report as its initial election
fund report. Quarterly reports are due for filing on April 15 for activity from January 1 through March 31, on July 15 for activity from April 1 to June 30, on October 15 for activity from July 1 through September 30, and on January 15 for activity from October 1 through December 31. The initial election fund report will always begin with the reporting of the first contribution received or expenditure made in an election, including contributions received or expenditures made to determine whether or not an individual
should become a candidate."

Dan said...

This cathes up the comments on this post, a few of which have not been put up as they were ad hominem attacks.

For my answers to Alan's questions, see the body of the post.

The ax-grinding shop is now closed; you'll have to try elsewhere.