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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Two Robinson-Briggs v. Mapp debates expected

If all goes well, Plainfield
ers will have two chances to hear Democratic mayoral candidates Adrian Mapp and Sharon Robinson-Briggs Mapp debate during this Primary Election season.

Mapp, who is currently Ward 3 councilor and is the Plainfield Democratic Committee's candidate, will face off against incumbent Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, who is running off the party line.

The original debate, planned by Plainfield High School students along with a faculty adviser, was to have taken place this past Monday afternoon at PHS. Only after taking off from work and driving back to Plainfield for the 1:30 PM debate did Mapp discover that it had been cancelled (no one notified him in advance).

Volunteers with the Mapp campaign are working with PHS principal Otis Brown to put the debate back on track. I will post information as soon as available.

The second opportunity will be a FOSH-sponsored candidates' forum on Wednesday, May 22 (time and place to be determined). This will be the third Primary Election forum that FOSH has put on.

FOSH president Pat Turner Kavanaugh says that FOSH sees the forums 'as a civic responsibility', especially since the Primary victor in such a heavily Democratic community is tantamount to being the winner in November.

FOSH will use the League of Women Voters format -- the 'gold standard' for candidate forums -- and will be looking for volunteers to help for the evening. FOSH will pay for an LWV moderator for the evening.

I will post more details on each forum as received; be sure to check the community calendar on the CLIPS page (see here) frequently.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

So Mapp didn't know it was cancelled and Plainfield voters didn't know it was even planned. What's up with that? In any case most of these debates offer no policy ideas and are simply forums for candidates to say how much they out-love Plainfield than their opponent. Nothing from nothing means nothing, which is par for our city government once the elections are over.

Anonymous said...

Explains a lot about our failing school system.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm . . . the NAACP forum will be very interesting. Will Petey host it?

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Town Hall meeting for the 3rd Ward supposed to be on May 22nd? Isn't Adrian Mapp Supposed to attend the Town HAll meeting for HIS ward? Also, this is the first I am hearing of ANY debates. Why would they be held In the middle of the day during the week? Why would Adrian Mapp agree to this...and why would he not make this Public Knowledge.? Finally...I am certain The Foshies would object vehemently if a Public Forum were scheduled @ the same time as their TownHall Meeting. I Am So Done With This Ass Backwards place.

Dan said...

Sounds like some commenters need to take deep breaths or up their Valium drip.

The FOSH forum was planned for some time ago, but things were complicated by the slow (!) response time of one of the candidates; I will not embarrass her by mentioning any names.

Council President Rivers has graciously asked the City Clerk to reschedule the Ward 3 Town Hall. Watch the Community Calendar for an update.

As for the PHS debate, it is being organized BY students, primarily FOR students (tho the public is welcome), and thus is being held during the SCHOOL DAY (duh!).

The young people have taken the initiative. Be thankful! There is a faculty adviser but it seems somewhere the chain of communications got broken. We will all survive...