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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sharon mum as mayors urge gun laws

Sharon ponders her options.
One of the raps on Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs is that she is famous (or infamous) for not getting back to anyone. She doesn't return the phone calls of residents, reporters or Council members. Union County Dem chairperson Charlotte DeFilippo? Nope. State officials? Nope. (Remember when the state sent a helicopter to fetch her to an urgent Trenton meeting just to guarantee her presence?)

The latest snub by Her Honor would be funny if it weren't so serious -- and sad.

Following the massacre of schoolchildren and administrators in Newtown, Connecticut, Mayors Against Illegal Guns mobilized its members to demand that their state legislators take up responsible gun ownership measures -- including universal background checks and limits on high-capacity magazines among other items.

Thirty-three New Jersey mayors, members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, signed a letter to Gov. Christie dated Valentine's Day, advocating stronger gun laws for New Jersey. The story and the complete letter (with signatories) appeared in the Independent Press (see here), a community newspaper published by the owners of the Star-Ledger.

The signatory mayors are listed alphabetically by community. You will note that the list skips from Perth Amboy to Princeton, with no mention of Plainfield, though Robinson-Briggs touts her membership in the organization.

Doubtless the letter is waiting on Robinson-Briggs' desk for her signature.

How sad for those who want to do something about gun violence that she missed this opportunity.

There is an old quip in the nonprofit world that there are three kinds of 'bees': 'Worker bees', those who do the heavy lifting when it comes to volunteer activity; 'honey bees', those with resources who are always willing to lend financial support to a cause; and 'wannabes', those who neither contribute nor volunteer but are always on hand whenever there is a photo opportunity.

Which kind of 'bee' are we dealing with here?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

the gangs haven't gotten back to her yet on what her opinion should be regarding stiffer gun control measures.. Am sure she's waiting for the next "sit down"

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace to herself and the people she represents.

Anonymous said...

These people are her supporters. Why would she do anything to upset her voting base.

Bob said...

I finally believe that the people of Plainfield are tired of waiting for Sharon. I know I am. When Connolly was turning Plainfield into the slum capital of NJ, she ignored many letters, phone calls, emails and visits begging for help. We need to remove this albatross from around our necks and move on. June's coming people!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a bumbling bee.

Who can possible vote for this person again for mayor? Really!