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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Plainfield homicide casts pall on Oscars night

Quiet neighborhood near house of worship sceme of latest homicide.
Residents of a quiet Plainfield
neighborhood were just settling in for an evening of watching the Oscars, when police discovered an apparent homicide.

About 7:00 PM Sunday, Plainfield police found the bound and gagged body of an older woman in her home near the intersection of Watson Avenue and Earle Place.

As of this writing, the Plainfield Police Division and the Union County Crime Scene Unit are investigating the circumstances and looking for evidence. I was not able to learn whether the home had been robbed, but neighbors were shocked that the calm of their neighborhood had been broken. One person opined that whoever bound and gagged the woman must have known her and may have believed there was something of value in the home.

The neighborhood is quiet and tree-lined, with one of Plainfield's three Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Halls on Earle Place at the head end of two-block long Watson Avenue.

Look for more as details emerge.

See media coverage of the story (2/26/13) --
"Plainfield man charged with killing mother" -- Courier | Ledger | NJ Today | 2013's first homicide.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

With all the promotions in the police dept, are things going to get better and safer in Plainfield? We need a change,we need a chief of police.

Anonymous said...

Sad story But I am glad you posted this. Its the only way we can get the news on what goes on in Plainfield. Keep up the Great Work Dan