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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Council: Youth baseball issues still not resolved, more...

Fate of successful independent youth baseball league
is still unclear.
Plainfield Council President Bridget Rivers set time aside at Monday's Council meeting to discuss several items (of which the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority took up the vast bulk of the time, see my post here), the results were mixed.

Despite assurances by the Robinson-Briggs administration at the Council's previous session that the youth baseball matter was resolved and that the Queen City Baseball League would be absorbed into the Recreation Division's league structure, it would appear that this is not quite so.

Those representations had been made by the Robinson-Briggs administration while DPWUD Director Eric Jackson was not able to be present. When asked by Council President Rivers for a status update on Monday evening, Mr. Jackson -- a model of conciseness and brevity -- reported that in fact all the issues were not yet resolved, that he was working on it and that he would report back to the Council 'by the end of the month (February)'.

Jackson also reported briefly on the July 4th celebration, noting that the parade and fireworks would take place on Saturday, July 6th.

The planned Council-Administration retreat (see my previous post here), on which Councilor Storch and City Administrator Eric Berry are working, will be held on a Saturday in March (to be determined), from 9 AM to 3 PM, at a suitable venue which will be able to accommodate participants and the public. Storch underscored that it would be a 'working session' to set goals and priorities for the year, and that the public would have an opportunity for comment at the end.

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