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Saturday, February 14, 2009

U.S. Attorney Pick: Something fishy here?

Plainfielders who, along with many other New Jerseyans, feel that POLITICAL CORRUPTION is a BIG DEAL in the state, may want to ponder the recommendation by Senators Lautenberg and Menendez of former Federal prosecutor and Clinton DOJ official Paul Fishman as U.S. Attorney, to replace Chris Christie.

Menendez is quoted in the PolitickerNJ story as saying --
"New Jersey families deserve a U.S. Attorney who makes protecting them from economic crimes, the spreading gang activity, as well as gun and drug trafficking a priority of the office."
Isn't it odd that pursuing corruption in the Garden State doesn't even get a mention?

But wait! There's more!

Fishman has a specialty in white-collar crime and represented several public officials prosecuted by Christie.

The stories make no mention of the outcomes of those individuals' trials.

Though he is eminently qualified, I find this particular omission disturbing.

The last thing Plainfielders and New Jerseyans need is the thought that the state's pols will be safe in selling their votes and influence in the Obama years.

Somebody, please reassure us!

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Dan, why are troubled that you don't know if Paul Fishman won or lost federal criminal cases he defended? Would you happier if he won and showed he was a good lawyer or maybe had a client not proved guilty? Would you happier if he lost and showed he wasn't that effective or had a guilty client? Chris Christie didn't try a single case when he was US Attorney, but his office ran well. What's troubling you?

Rob said...

he is also Carla Katz's attorney !! gets filthier as time goes on!

Dan said...

To Anonymous 11:20 AM --

What's troubling me is that Sen. Menendez did not include public corruption in his list of things that Fishman should have on his plate.

Public corruption cases -- on both GOP and Dem sides of the aisle -- were a big deal under Christie.

Unless of course public corruption is not really a big deal. In which case, we can just forget about it and let the wheeling and dealing rip!

Rob said...

The reason MOST of the politicians in NJ..especially the upper levels ones and that includes DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICANS are glad Christie is out is because he did in fact go for the easy crime in NJ -- Corrupt Politicians. This crime is why the state of NJ has a cost of government that is DRAMATICALLY larger than that of Pennyslyvania which has a larger population and is much larger physically in size. Lautencorpse & Menedez were getting more than enough heat from all the local politicians in NJ who were tired of Christie's 100% conviction rate on the 130 politicians in NJ he dragged into court on corruption charges. Were other crime issues, drugs, gangs etc such a problem in NJ, and I believe they are too, maybe State Attorney General Anne Milgram actually go after that instead of going to court for Governor Corzine to defend the "email" issue with former lover Karla Katz. Whose attorney has just been announced as the new pick to replace Christie. This stinks to high heaven, but that really has always been the smell that came from NJ. The rot of political corruption. This corruption is the BIGGEST reason why it's so expensive to live in this state.