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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Daily-Ledgord News-Times?

Coming soon to Plainfield newsstands: All the latest from Buffalo?

Under increasing financial pressure from rising costs and declining ad sales and readership, mainstream news media are fighting back.

Five large newspapers in the NY-NJ area have formed the Northeast Consortium to share news stories and photos: The Star-Ledger, the Bergen Record, the NY Daily News, the Albany Times-Union and the Buffalo News.

All the news that's fit to print from Buffalo?

Actually, it could work out fairly well for news junkies who live in New Jersey.

The real news here is that the Ledger and Record are merging their statehouse operations. This will give New Jersey the largest statehouse press corps in the country and, hopefully, restore the in-depth coverage of Trenton that New Jerseyans cannot get from either the New York or Philly press (especially since the NYTimes virtually shut down its New Jersey operations).

Additionally, Jerseyans will get ace coverage of New York State's legislature -- whose activities impact us in many ways, from shared quasi-governmental agencies like the Port Authority to laws and regulations affecting New York City, where many NJ residents work.

And Buffalo?

Well, we can get all the latest on the Buffalo Bills and chicken wing recipes.

And watch the live cams of the ice melting in Buffalo Harbor, which usually disappears by the end of May.

Yes, May.

I grew up in the area and know whereof I speak.

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GB said...

Just as long as I get More articles to read ! Nothing like coffee and the paper to kill some time !!!

Rob said...

Dan .. I grew up in the Adirondacks and we always said, it wasn't spring until we had our last snow storm of the season which was usually the first weekend of May...ahhhh...real winters..