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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ambulance: Solaris ready and willing, ball has been in City's court

The Plainfield Rescue Squad's appearance before the City Council Tuesday has certainly stirred the pot, with coverage in today's Courier (see here) and Assemblyman Jerry Green's blog (see note at end of post).

Turns out, I am told, that Solaris Health System has ALREADY responded in the matter of the AMBULANCE FOR THE RESCUE SQUAD that it would in fact supply one...

...and that Commissioner Heather Howard is WAITING FOR THE ROBINSON-BRIGGS ADMINISTRATION to respond before she signs off.

Like the reader I cited yesterday says,
'What DO they DO over there at City Hall?'
P.S. Assemblyman Green puts his inimitable spin on the situation in his post today (see here), in which he omits telling his readers that HE PERSONALLY SIGNED OFF ON THE MUHLENBERG CLOSURE.

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Rob said...

Seriously.. Did anyone read Mayor Jerry's Post :
Ps. I am constantly being reminded that it was Muhlenberg’s Board, made up of New Democrats, who initiated the closing of Muhlenberg by submitting a letter to the State asking for such action to commence. They did not realize the magnitude of their action and the backlash that would follow from the community. I just hope and pray that their families do not succumb to the subpar treatment others in our community and surrounding neighborhoods have been exposed to due to their actions.
--- He is trying to imply it was the Plainfield City Council who did this with the hospital closing??? God Bless him for seriously believing we are that ignorant. That ambulance delay falls squarely at his and his puppet's feet.

Anonymous said...

Who writes the things on Green's blog? The grammar, verb tenses, sentence structure are not correctly structured Also, don't they proof read? Every time I read the blog (which isn't often) I see the same messy language.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Gallon for exposing the Plainfield Board of Ed regarding how poorly they have conducted themselves these past years. My advice for the good Doc(Gallon that is) is this: start looking for another district to be superintendant over. For the simple fact that once the New Democrats realize a person, Dr. Gallon in this case, wants to do his JOB and stand for the students, and to have told the public how bad they have conducted themselves while under the leadership of Pat Barksdale and Adrian Mapp and the gang… not only would they be embarrassed, but they will certainly want to go for political blood.

With Adrian Mapp complaining about the Public Safety Director’s use of his city vehicle for his city-job, then I’m certain that Dr. Gallon will not want Adrian Mapp to go after his Range Rover, which is sale priced over $100,000. its only a matter of time before Adrian and his Grand Ol’ Party begin to start looking into all the perks Dr. Gallon has in his contract; a contract so sweet that every other superintendant in Union County envies. Nor would Dr. Gallon be so keen on them looking into some of his friends he brought with him from Florida.

Get your popcorn and potato chips ready for this one Plainfield. It seems like the New Dems are about ready to fight with everyone. They most certainly will not be happy with Dr. Gallon, with the Sharon, nor with Carol Brokaw. ::We already know how they feel about Asm. Green, that’s water under the Bridge to Nowhere::

Now we’re beginning to see just why the school district and the City cant get ahead.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Green has every right to create a blog. However, if he wants credibility in what he says, he needs to make sure whoever is writing his blog knows Engligh grammar.