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Monday, January 29, 2007

What was QuadTech to deliver?

So the Mayor's goal, stated in the City's RFP, is "to position the City of Plainfield for success to provide a means for measurable goals and projected success. To this end, the Project Management office will be charged with assisting the reaching this objective."

What did QuadTech say it would deliver? Let's see.

From QuadTech's Executive Summary --

The scope of this proposal is to assist the City of Plainfield with the develoment of a Project Management Office (PMO). QuadTech Systems understands the requirement and the necessity in developing a PMO, which will allow the City of Plainfield to establish Best Practices methodologies.

QuadTech Systems have** experiences in the development and refinement of a PMO. Our experiences are both board [sic] and deep in the areas of Overall Program Management, Secured Architecture networks, Application development methodologies and Six Sigma Quality Assurance practices.

QuadTech Systems have** managed and developed many PMO's on the city, county and state level. We have the ability to develop and trained [sic] the staff in the operations of developing, managing and enhancing " Best Practices" which will provide the City of Plainfield with a detailed Governance Model.

Like the City of Plainfield, QuadTech Systems is** a diversified Black owed [sic] firm that understands the importance of practicing diversity.

Our response to this RFP describes our methodology model known as the Center of Excellence. This methodology has been proven to be an effective tool in assisting organizations with implementing "Best Practices" into their day-to-day activities. It is the goal of QuadTech systems [sic] to provide the City of Plainfield with a "Best Practices" methodology that will provide the City of Plainfield with the necessary tools and training to establish and maintain a Project Management Office.
Had enough?

An Executive Summary is the high-level view of a proposal. It is called the EXECUTIVE summary because many executives responsible for making the decision do not read any further -- that is, they do not bother themselves with the nuts-and-bolts of a project and the deliverables expected. After all, they are EXECUTIVES, right?

The Executive Summary is the equivalent of what the porn industry so felicitously calls "the money shot" -- where the 'actors' are supposed to get when all is said and done.

So, you've read what our executives read. Are you ready to sign off to the tune of $408,000?

**QuadTech Systems seems to be confused over whether it is a singular entity (the American construction) with verbs that agree or a plural entity using plural verb forms (the English construction). Foolish consistency, though, as we all know is "the hobgoblin of little minds."

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Wow! How very sad!