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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Should we give Plainfield away?

No good hooker gives it away, so why should we?

PT is referring, of course, to the outright gift of the property on which the new Senior Center and condos are to be built by Dornoch Holdings, the developer chosen by the County Democratic machine.

All right, all right, so they paid a dollar. Don't be so technical.

The point is that elsewhere, developers actually PAY REAL MONEY for the property on which they put their projects. Sometimes, even approximating fair market value.

What! you say? Preposterous! Maybe, but Plainfield actually negotiated a cool million smackeroos for the Park-Madison site.

Ah, but those were other times. We now live in MODERN TIMES, where the new day looks like it may be a GIVEAWAY DAY. And word in the street is there is more of the same coming down the pike.

Shouldn't we at least have the business sense of a good hooker?

If you have an opinion on the matter, share it -- there is a new poll up on the CLIPS homepage. It will be there all week. Mosey on over and cast YOUR vote.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Didn't the voters in Plainfield understand when they elected the Jerry Green-Sharon Robinson-Briggs'team that we would be "paying"for a long time? Persons who financed the last Mayor's race knew that payback was not going to come in terms of jobs-no real paying jobs here--but there was real money to be made in "developing" a broken-down city as Plainfield has come to be.
The other shoe will drop as part of the school board elections.Just follow the source of the money. Money that will be reported and becomes a part of the public record and the money that will go unreported.

Anonymous said...

Let's see: the City is getting a $3.5 million new senior center for free, is saving $100k per year it currently pays in rent for the existing center and adds substantial market-rate condos/ratables to the tax base on a piece of property not now generating any tax revenues. Oh, I forgot, that's good news.