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Thursday, January 4, 2007

City website a bee in amber?

Like a bee in amber, Plainfield's website seems frozen in time.

A website is the cheapest, easiest way to keep the citizens informed of what the government is up to. That is, of course, if it WANTS to. Or CAN.

In early December, PT discussed the issues arising from former City Administrator Carlton McGee's fiscal shenanigans, including their impact on the City's ability to maintain it website.

At that time, PT was told the City had negotiated access to its passwords and codes that would allow the website to be updated -- which it apparently had not been since October.

Toodling on by, PT finds the site unchanged from its previous December state -- meaning it is now going on three months since there has been an update.

Supposedly, keeping the website ship-shape is one of the duties of the mysterious "AJ" -- but either he can't or doesn't.

Meanwhile, if you want to see how pros do it, check out the Union County website
("Latest Headlines . . ."), where the staff posts press releases detailing the doings of the Freeholders -- sometimes several times a day. You can see upwards of sixty stories for December, and January already shows a post a day for the first three days.

You'd think the Administration would want to put all its PR people power to work promoting the present powers-that-be and activities. Wouldn't you?

-- Dan Damon

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