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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Dan apologizes to readers for City website gaffe

This screenshot of the screenshot in my blog post
clearly shows the error in my search query.

I want to apologize to readers for the mistake in my post on Mayor Mapp's 2019 State of the City Address (see here).

In mentioning that the SOC could be expected but was not online yet, I included a screenshot that I thought indicated a problem with the City website's search engine -- a result not showing any of the previous SOC addresses.

In fact, the error was mine in mistyping the search query with "pf" instead of "of". Of course, the search engine could not find any results for such a mistyped word.

Mayor Mapp's Chief of Staff and Director of Communications, Jazz Clayton-Hunt, had no such problem when she typed in the correct phrase. Here are the links she so graciously emailed me --

Note that the list includes Thursday's address by Mayor Mapp, online in record time.

Moral of the story: Double-check everything.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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