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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Breach in Plainfield Dems all but sealed at Saturday's PDCC meeting

Dem stalwarts at Saturday's PDCC meeting (l to r): Rose
Marie Cathcart, Liz Urquhart, and Marie Davis.


The breach among Plainfield's Democrats seemed all but sealed after Saturday's PDCC meeting.

After putting forward incumbents Cory Storch (Ward 2) and Barry Goode (Wards 1/4) to be the local party's candidates in the June Primary election, PDCC chair Adrian O. Mapp called for a vote of the members present, asking them to stand and be counted.

After a second count, he declared the vote to be 25-2 in favor.

There did not appear to be anyone keeping notes (I did not see recording secretary Carmencita Pile there).

After the vote, committee members Jim Spear and Corey Pettus asked the chair why they had not received any phone call asking them to run again for their committee seats.

Chairman Mapp responded that that was not the way things were being done. (Several committee members have told me that in the past, calls were made.)

Sean McKenna's candidacy against Councilor Storch has already been announced and it is widely expected that Spear will be his campaign manager.

Was the discussion at the PDCC meeting an attempt by Spear and Pettus to signal their willingness to reconcile with the city committee? If it was, Chairman Mapp was having none of it.

So, the split appears to be final.

Another striking thing about the meeting is how lightly attended it was.

Besides voting members, there were only a handful of guests. Very unlike the 2017 committee runup.

Though some members thought the back-and-forth contentious, I did not think so.

The conversation was respectful and only veered off course in mentioning Councilor Armady, whose selection by the Council to fill the vacancy caused by Rebecca Williams moving up to the Freeholder board met the conditions of New Jersey law.

NOTE: A reading of the PDCC bylaws shows NO prescribed method for the selection or endorsement of Council candidates by the committee. There is complete silence on how the city committee candidates are chosen as well.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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