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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Besides the layoff ordinance, a couple of oddities about Monday's Plainfield City Council agenda

Screenshot from the online agenda. What does it mean?

The Mapp administration's proposed layoff ordinance will be the hot topic at Monday's Plainfield City Council meeting to be sure. You can see the online agenda here.

Glancing at the agenda, there were two curiosities that I explored.

The first was R 117-19, a tax refund resolution proposed by the Finance Department. I did not notice a backup for the resolution when it was on last week's agenda-setting session.

The amount, while not the largest recent refund, was still sizeable at $51,734.23.

So I decided to check the back up on the business meeting agenda. To my surprise, the link was marked "Tax Appeal, Delete".

Now what was that supposed to mean? Why wouldn't the backup be included with the resolution? Why shouldn't it be seen by the public?

So, I went ahead anyway and clicked on the link and lo and behold, the backup material WAS THERE.

So, if it wasn't supposed to be viewable, somebody goofed.

Both are properties owned by Crown Real Estate Holding Inc. and lie within the East Third/Richmond redevelopment area which just happens to be the subject of Ordinance M2019-06 which is on Monday's agenda for first reading, along with the layoff ordinance.

Both property's valuations were reduced 56.5% by the tax appeal board.

Still wondering why the word "delete" appears on the online agenda.

The second curiosity is a half blank page for "New Items" between the end of the resolutions and ordinances for first reading.

I have never seen that before, the heading just being a placeholder in case something "new" is to be brought up and with a black line or two. Will we be seeing a slew of new items on Monday? Your guess is as good as mine.

City Council meets at 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers / Courthouse at Watchung Avenue and East 4th Street. Parking available on the street and in the lot across from Police Headquarters.

NOTE: I have seen officers in patrol vehicles allow Council attendees to turn onto 4th Street in front of Police Headquarters to enter the public parking. Exiting is no problem. Be cautious.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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