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Thursday, August 2, 2018

4-way stop at Randolph Road and Plainfield Avenue disappears

The STOP sign at Sheridan Avenue (Randolph Road) and
Plainfield Avenue Thursday morning. You can clearly
see the Plainfield Avenue STOP sign is gone.

Thanks to intrepid reader JP for alerting me to the disappearance of the 4-way STOP signs on Plainfield Avenue at Randolph Road (and Sheridan Avenue).

As I was out taking a picture to verify the Plainfield Avenue signs were gone, a resident stopped at the corner, rolled down her window and told me they had disappeared Wednesday afternoon. (She was in favor of having the 4-way, by the way.)

The stenciled "STOP" on the roadway approaching the former 4-way stop has also been hastily (and not quite totally) obliterated.

The mystery may be owing to the fact that Plainfield Avenue -- though it is not visibly marked as such -- is County Road 603 and starts at the intersection with Route 28 (West 4th Street) and runs south into Middlesex County. You can see a list of all Union County county roads here.

It seems likely that the Plainfield Police Division does not have jurisdiction over the road and that a STOP on Plainfield Avenue would have to be approved by Union County.

This question also came up in relation to the Rock and Myrtle STOP signs. Rock Avenue IS a county road in Somerset County (north of the Green Brook), is NOT a county road in Plainfield (from the Green Brook to West 4th Street), and is a DECOMMISSIONED county road in Middlesex County (from West 4th Street to West 7th Street).

 -- Dan Damon [ follow ]

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