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Sunday, April 17, 2016

(BOE Race) A school board candidate billboard your taxes DIDN'T pay for

The Anderson-Hurtt-Pile team will have mobile billboards
on Plainfield streets. Unlike Wilma Campbell, they
are not using taxpayer dollars to promote their campaign.

As the Plainfield Board of Ed campaign nears the finish line, keep your eyes open for a candidate billboard that your taxes did NOT pay for.

In contrast to Wilma Campbell, who plunked her campaign billboard right next to one paid for by the taxpayers and extolling -- guess who? -- Wilma, the "Focused on What Counts" team of Lynn Anderson, Dorien Hurtt and Carmencita Pile will feature mobile billboards up through election day.

The billboards, pictured at the top, will be seen traveling through Plainfield business districts and residential neighborhoods now through Tuesday, which
is election day.

Wilma's campaign billboard is on the right,
on the left is a billboard paid for with your tax dollars.
In contrast to Wilma, who uses taxpayers dollars to promote her campaign, these mobile bllboards -- in English and Spanish -- are brought to you by the candidates and their supporters.

No taxpayer dollars involved. Ain't that nice!

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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