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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

(BOE) Anderson, Hurtt and Pile meet parents and public in 'Listening Session' Thursday

Lynn Anderson
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Dorien Hurtt
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Carmencita Pile
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Running on the slogan "Plainfield's schools need to be fixed from the bottom up", the slate of Lynn Anderson, Dorien Hurtt and Carmencita Pile invite parents and the public to a LISTENING SESSION Thursday evening (April 7) at 6:30 PM at their campaign headquarters, 31 Watchung Avenue, where most of the time will be spent LISTENING TO YOU.

The slogan cleverly highlights their positions in the candidate lineup on the ballot.

Anderson and Pile have children in the district's schools and Hurtt is a former Board of Ed member.

In their campaigning so far, they have uncovered a number of issues that disturb and frustrate parents, teachers and the public at large.

Among the issues they have uncovered are failure to provide textbooks for ESL students, overlarge classes, dependence on substitute teachers, frivolous spending by the Board, and a general reluctance by the Board to take criticism from the public and teachers at its public meetings.

The candidates want to make an oportunity for other community members to express THEIR concerns about the issues in the District by making this a welcoming place and time to LISTEN to input from the public.

Lynn Anderson has twenty years' experience as a real estate professional. She is a highly skilled negotiator who counts being an active listener among her talents. She hopes to work with fellow board members to identify best solutions to issues facing the District.

Dorien Hurtt has twenty years' experience in Information Technology and when he previously served on the Board pushed for transparency in both Board governance and the District's administration, as well as connecting curriculum and technology. Failures in those areas are part of what is motivating him to pursue another term.

Carmencita Pile has children at elementary, middle and high school levels in the District. She also worked at one time in the schools, and knows some of the issues from close up. Well known as one of Plainfield's original Obama organizers, she wants to be an advocate for all the District's students.

The Anderson-Hurtt-Pile campaign headquarters at 31 Watchung Avenue is next to Antojito's Restaurant. Light refreshments will be served. Parking is available in the adjacent city parking lot and on the street. (Mind that city parking meters must be fed on Thursday evenings!)

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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