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Thursday, April 21, 2016

A funny Plainfield election day story

The local focus was on the school board elections...

While Plainfield voters were focused on Tuesday's school board election and budget proposition, there were other events in the political universe.

Next door, in New York state, Democratic and GOP presidential contenders were duking it out for the state's delegates to their party's respective nominating conventions. The presidential races dominated TV and cable coverage.

For many years, I was a regular "challenger" at Richmond Towers, where Ward 1 districts 3 and 5 polls are located. The poll workers and I developed an easy working relationship over the years, and I stop by every election day to chat now, even though no longer as a "challenger".

On Tuesday evening, I dropped by for a visit. While chatting with the poll workers, a worker from the other district's table -- where residents of Richmond Towers vote -- came over and asked the senior poll worker for assistance.

An elderly gentleman this worker had helped into the voting booth was having difficulty voting.

When the worker I was chatting with went over, the man could be heard loudly complaining that he could not find Donald Trump's name on the ballot.

Ah, Plainfield, where the unusual is usual.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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