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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Joe Da Rold to be fêted tonight

Joe Da Rold with one of the Library's treasures,
a 19th-century bird's-eye map of Plainfield.

Past and present board members, Friends of the Library, and co-workers and well-wishers will gather at the Plainfield Country Club this evening to honor Joe Da Rold.

Da Rold, who retired at the end of August, devoted two decades to making the Plainfield Public Library not only Plainfield's crown jewel, but one of the most noted public libraries in New Jersey.

The event is being sponsored by the Friends of the Plainfield Public Library, a volunteer organization which has for decades devoted itself to raising extra funds to support Library programming -- notably literacy, children's programming and outreach to the Latino community.

A native of North Plainfield, Joe earned his degree in library science at Rutgers and pursued a career in the Los Angeles area for more than two decades -- including both library and museum directorial experience.

Joe came to the Plainfield Public Library in 1994 and brought with him the creative energies he had offered in California, as well as an appreciation for Plainfield's rich history and the dynamic changes reshaping our community. (See a previous appreciation and Joe's own notes on coming home to Plainfield here.)

The gala has been coordinated by Belinda Smiley and Tressa Brown of FOPPL. Anne Robinson, president of the Board of Trustees, will present a gift on behalf of present and past trustees to Joe at the reception.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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