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Monday, September 21, 2015

NJEA sets 'come to Jesus' meeting for Plainfield unit Tuesday

PEA members walk an informational picket in 2013.
After two years without a contract, the parties only recently settled.
NJEA officials have called a special membership meeting of the Plainfield Education Association (PEA), its local affiliate on Tuesday.

NJEA represents New Jersey's teacher and others in the educational system. The Plainfield affiliate represents more than 600 teachers, aides and support staff in the Plainfield Public Schools.

PEA members have complained for years of the manner in which the local unit has been run, and it appears the state orgainzation is finally taking decisive steps to straighten out the Plainfield situation.

Among the complaints of local union members have been the arbitrary and capricious manner in which the local has been run -- including failure to properly notify members of meetings, failure to keep and provide accurate and timely minutes, and lack of financial transparency.

There are also suspicions that the leadership is too cozy with the schools' administration and that union elections have not followed NJEA rules.

In April, the NJEA sent a warning letter to the leaders of the local warning that the PEA was out of compliance with the NJEA's rules concerning affiliaiton.

In late June, another letter was addressed to the local's president, with a checklist of items to be addressed immediately. Sources say the local never addressed the issues or replied to the state organization.

It is not clear whether the NJEA will oust the current leadership and take over the local affiliate pending a reorganization, or whether the local will be given the opportunity to set an election for new leadership.

The meeting, which is NOT open to the public, is set for after school Tuesday afternoon at Plainfield High School.

Stay tuned.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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